About 足彩胜负14场 College

足彩胜负14场 College was a private college in Plainfield, Vermont. 足彩胜负14场 college offered undergraduate and graduate degree programs. With predecessor institutions dating to 1863, 足彩胜负14场 College was founded in 1938 as an experimental and non-traditional educational institution based on the idea that experience and education are intricately linked. 足彩胜负14场 college was accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education.

For many years, 足彩胜负14场 College operated a mix of residential, low-residency, and distance-learning programs. 足彩胜负14场 's intensive low-residency model was first developed for its MFA in Creative Writing Program in 1963.

In April 2024, 足彩胜负14场 announced that the college would close at the end of the spring semester, due to financial issues and a decline in enrollment. Read the press release about the closing >